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100% Organic, Natural & Vegan

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60% of what goes on your skin is absorbed into your body and therefore into your bloodstream.

This is why we will only use organic and natural ingredients in our products.  Many skin care products contain harmful chemicals that are not only absorbed into our bodies but also rinsed down the drains and enter our water system. They may initially feel like they are soothing and nourishing our bodies but are actually simply coating the skin and drying it out underneath whilst giving our bodies extra strain of attempting to eradicate the various chemicals they have just been loaded with.  


We only use 100% vegan ingredients and ones that you would otherwise be able to eat, wherever possible.   Our philosophy is "if you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin". Would you eat petroleum?  


Our main ingredients are:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sunflower seed oil, Wheatgerm oil, Grapeseed Oil, Cocoa Butter,

Clays, Shea Butter, Salt & Essential Oils.  


Sunflower seed oil, anti-oxidant rich and packed full of vitamin E which helps neutralise free radicals which can damage our skin cells. Helping  promote cell regeneration, this wonder oil is anti-inflammatory so it is ideal for people with inflamed and irritated skin.


Shea butter is the African treatment for skin conditions such as eczema, sunburn, itching, insect bites & skin blemishes. It contains naturally occurring vitamins  A, E & F which makes is wonderfully healing for your skin


Cocoa butter is another amazingly healing butter containing vitamin E as well as polyphenol CMP, which has been found to suppress active oxygen, a factor in cancer, and to inhibit the production of an immuno globulin that aggravate dermatitis and asthma. Cocoa butter is well known for helping to prevent stretch marks and for its excellent moisturising properties. It contains a large proportion of minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper and iron. It also contains tryptophan, involved in the formation of serotonin, the 'feel good' neurotransmitter, and also dopamine & phenylethylamine.  


Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains a good fatty acid (high density lipoproteins, HDLs) which protect against bad cholesterol, or low density lipoproteins (LDLs). It contains at least four different types of antioxidant: vitamins A and E, polyphenols, phytosterols and avenasterol. Antioxidants neutralize damaging free radicals that can lead to skin aging and skin cancer.  They work to neutralize free radicals and repair cell membranes. Chlorophyll is also present in olive oil - a photosynthetic pigment found in plants and algae. It is an anti-aging substance that promotes the healing of skin conditions and wounds.


Wheatgerm Oil is another oil rich in vitamin E but also contains vitamins A, B & D. Supporting collagen formation and helping maintain skin tones, this oil is a firm favourite of ours.  It aids cell regeneration and repair.


Grapeseed Oil is the main ingredient in our shaving and beard oils. Rich in vitamins D, C & E, a  deliciously light oil that contains antioxidants, is also anti-inflammatory and non-comedogenic (pore clogging). This oil leaves your skin soft & nourished and gives your beard a gentle conditioning and soft sheen.


Bentonite clay is composed of aged volcanic ash found in different parts of the world and has been used in treating conditions since earliest recorded history. The largest and most popular deposit is found near Fort Benton, Wyoming - hence the name bentonite clay.   These particles in the clay contain a negative charge that attract all types of toxins and pathogens, which include bacteria, toxins, metals, and pesticides, all of which have a positive charge. Bentonite clay can be made into a compress and applied to the skin to soothe muscle damage, carpel tunnel, bruises, cuts and wounds. You can prepare a bentonite clay pack by mixing the clay with water until it has a mud like consistency and apply it to the affected area. Applying a clay pack to bacterial and fungal infections can be beneficial. Other skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis and rashes often respond well to bentonite clay pack and compress treatments. Bentonite clay draws excess oil and impurities to the surface of your skin and unclogs pores by removing dead skin cells. It also has the ability to draw out poison from insect bites and stings. Its antibacterial qualities help speed up the healing process while increasing the flow of blood and circulation.


Kaolin clay is the gloriously gentle clay that we use in our cleanser. It helps absorbs excess oils but also leaves your skin beautifully soft. It is purifiying & detoxifying which helps prevent pore clogging & therefore breakouts. It is safe for everyday use.


Here is a list of all the essential oils and a brief summary of their benefits & aids. Please note that the list is by no means exhaustive and for full benefits of each essential oil we would highly recommend further reading.


Lavender: Benefits & aids:  Acne, allergies; anal fissures; soothes asthma; soothes nerves, tension & irritability; athlete's foot; burns, bruises; antibacterial;chicken pox; colic; cuts; cystitis; depression; dermatitis; digestion; earache; flatulence; halitosis; headache, head lice; hypertension; insect bites; insect repellent; itching; labour pains; migraine; rosacea; oily skin; psoriasis; rheumatism; scabies; scars; sores; sprains; strains; stress; stretch marks; sunburn; vertigo;  whooping cough.


Tea Tree Benefits & Aids:  Antifungal; antibacterial; antiviral; antiseptic; head lice; nail infections; minor cuts; insect bites; vaginitis; athletes foot; acne; worts; cradle cap  and many other ailments.


Grapefruit Benefits & Aids: Anti oxidant; antiseptic; diuretic; anti microbial; anti viral; stimulates the mind;  boosts lymphatic     system so can help with  freeing the the body of toxins; good for oily skin and acne; relieves anxiety.    


Lemon Benefits & Aids:  Detoxifying; antiseptic; astringent; sleep inducing; calming; can help relieve anxiety; and nervousness.  Helps create a positive mind & combat negativity.                      


Orange: Benefits & Aids: aphrodisiac; anti inflammatory; antiseptic; anti depressant; anti spasmodic; carmative;diuretic; mood booster; general tonic; sedative; skin conditions such as acne and dermatitis.


Lime Benefits & Aids: general tonic; antiseptic; antibacterial; disinfectant antiviral; protects wounds from becoming

infected;   boosts appetite,


Peppermint Benefits % Aids: Digestion;cooling; invigorating;  helps increase blood flow; acts as a pain killer; aids alertness & concentration; relieves sore, tired feet; helps clear lung

and nasal congestion.


Patchouli Benefits & Aids: Acne; athlete’s foot; various skin conditions: eczema; dry skin; chapped skin; psoriasis; dandruff; aphrodisiac; stress, constipation; fatigue; indigestion; insomnia.


Cedarwood. Anti-inflammatory; anti-bacterial; astringent;  stress; dermatitis; arthritis; rheumatism;  bronchitis; cystitis; combats oily skin & dandruff


Rose geranium. Lice; acne; dull skin; menopause; cellulite; shingles; ringworm; scarring; a general good tonic; astringent; anti-microbial; uplifting; anxiety; depression; rosacea; anti-septic; anti-bacterial


Juniper Berry Detoxifies; colds; flu; cellulite; rheumatism; headaches; disinfectant; menstrual problem; nervous tension; gout; drowsiness.


Shelf Life. Our products generally have a shelf life of approximately two years from date of being made but they are so heavenly you are bound to use them up much quicker than that! The soaps and shower gels have 18 months.  Other skincare products that you can buy may have a longer shelf life but that is due to the synthetic chemicals added.  We try to keep stock levels low and make to order so that our products are as fresh as possible. Our current line of products all have nature's vitamins and preservatives in anyway!