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By Mary-Anne Mills, Apr 4 2017 12:49PM

I've changed a great deal over the five odd years that I've been trading as Heavenly Organics Skin Care.

When I first begun, I wanted my first ever products, body scrubs, to be in glass kilner jars. During my research, I was informed that the production of glass causes more CO2 emissions than that of plastic PET containers. I therefore decided to opt for PET. Over the years, as I increased the product range, so I introduced more plastic packaging.

One day I made the connection; this is not right!

So for approximately a year and a half we've been using more glass. Now, in April 2017 we have no more plastic packaging (with the exception of soap and shower gel refills, but once these containers are used up, that's it..no more!).

I believe that there's a natural inclination to reuse glass than plastic, which tends to end up in the recycling bin.....and then where does it really go to from there?

At Heavenly Organics HQ we sterilise used glass jars and bottles & reuse them. We cannot do this with plastic, the plastic ends up looking misty and scratched.

So, to offer an incentive for customers, we're now offering customers £2 off their next order when they return glass containers to us. Of course we also sell refills of products where possible and we have a whole section dedicated to refills on our webshop.

My other journey has been more personal but it inevitably merges with my business.

It began when my lovely friend Katy, of Little Miss Meat Free told me about Minimilasm, the documentary. I watched in on Netflix and absolutely loved it. I already live a fairly minimalistic lifestyle and don't feel that I am caught up in consumerism. Yet I learnt a lot from this documentary and promptly gave more of my clothesand belongings to charity ( I may have overdone it actually!). It has helped me look at other aspects of my life and see where I can make changes and consequently appreciate life that bit more. Asone of the guys says at the end of the documentary "love people and use things because the opposite never works". Minimalism is available on Netflix.

That was it - my mind was off whirring away. For a while I had been wondering that by making and selling my own products, was I a cog in the wheel of consumption? However, I also know that my products are different to many others. As you will see when you look at any of our product ingredients, we only use, pure, organic, natural & vegan products. Never anything else. This, we believe is our unique selling point. We truly care about the whole process. When someone purchases our products the oceans aren't being polluted, the ground and plants used to grow the ingredients aren't being pumped full of pesticides.

This can only be beneficial to our planet, of which there is no spare one in reserve. So my conclusion is that NO! I am a cog in the wheel of consumption. We are here to make the world a kinder, cleaner and happier place!

By Mary-Anne Mills, Feb 27 2017 12:52PM

We occasionally receive emails from people asking about our animal testing policy and whether or not we sell to China. You will see on our home page and throughout our website that we are a vegan business & are Vegan Society registered. This means that our products do not contain any animal ingredients & are never tested on animals. We would simply not be allowed to hold this registration otherwise. The business is owned and run by me, Mary-Anne. I have been vegan for nearly 10 years and started this business because of my veganism and organic lifestyle.

Products sold within the European Union are not allowed to be tested on animals. However, if a company chooses to sell their products to China as well, then they are required to test the products on animals. For this reason alone, we will NEVER sell to China. In addition, some businesses may not test on animalsthemselves but they may be owned by a company who does test on animals. This will NEVER happen to us!

So, please be assured, we take veganism very seriously! We are here to be kind to all beings.

We only hold the Vegan Society registration and not any others because to us, this covers it all. Some companies may hold a registration that shows their products are not tested on animals yet the products contain animal ingredients. In our world, this is incongruous to kindness. Our products are all made with kindness.

Thank you.

By Mary-Anne Mills, Feb 27 2017 11:47AM

We've decided to offer certain products at a special offer each month so this month's special offer is our Facial Oil range. These are so popular and they last ages too as you only need a few drops and that's enough to moisturise your face without any oily residue whatsoever! Facial oils really are the way forward so why not try them whilst they're on special offer!